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Minerals from the Republic of Macedonia with an Introduction to Mineralogy

Gligor Jovanovski,   Blažo Boev,   Petre Makreski  

Оригинален наслов на книгата : Minerals from the Republic of Macedonia with an Introduction to Mineralogy
ИСБН : 978-608-203-079-1
Година на издавање : 2012
Издавачка куќа : Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Прегледaна: 543 пати
Коментари вкупно: 0
Број на страни: 649
Димензии : 230x300
Корица : тврда
Јазик: EN

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Краток опис

A monograph entitled Minerals from the Republic of Macedonia with an Introduction to Mineralogy fully comprises the conducted scientific investigations regarding the various collected mineral species from the Republic of Macedonia (78 species). In addition, it also provides full geological description of the localities where the specimens were collected from (66 localities). The monograph represents the first systematized, detailed study shedding light on the mineralogical, spectroscopic, structural and analytical aspects of the mineralogical wealth of R. Macedonia. To the best of our knowledge, the monograph is the first world book merging all these mineralogical features and country minerals’ localities. Therefore, its appearance was National interest since it reflects the mineralogical heritage of one country (R. Macedonia).

It represents important interdisciplinary material for the scientists and students in the fields of geology and mineralogy, crystal chemistry, vibrational spectroscopy, structural chemistry etc. In addition, the amateur mineralogists and mineral collectors found the book as very interesting and helpful.  

The monograph is fully written in English and printed in color on 649 pages. The text is combined and presented among 680 wonderful breath-taking mineral photos, 257 illustrations, 294 tables and 443 cited references. It summarizes the authors’ investigations carried out in the last 25 years published in 115 original scientific articles, more than half of them published in the most-prestigious impact factor journals.

The monograph won the highest state award "Goce Delcev" for best scientific achievement in the year 2012 issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of R. Macedonia.

Excerpts from the reviewers

„This monograph is the first extended work in which the data on minerals of the Republic of Macedonia have been generalized for worldwide readers’ audience. From other hand, the monograph contains general introduction to mineralogy that makes it useful for people who start their education in this science: students of geology, amateur mineralogists and mineral collectors. Thus the monograph is dual-purpose book…

Especially valuable is the chapter where the description of 66 the most interesting mineral localities of the R. Macedonia is given. This information was almost unknown for the worldwide community of both professional and amateur mineralogists and this book mainly fills up this blank. Quantitative chemical composition, XRPD data with unit cell parameters, IR and/or Raman spectra obtained by the authors of the monograph for all mineral species and varieties known in the R. Macedonia are presented…

We can enjoy many color photographs of minerals from the R. Macedonia. It seems valuable because mineral specimens from this country are not well-known and not widespread in foreign museums and private collections, and readers find much new information and impressions from these pictures“.

Prof. Dr. Igor Pekov

Faculty of Geology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow

„The monograph about Macedonian minerals is written in unique way and its publishing is extraordinary mission. Appearance of such regional mineralogy book, with many data about spectroscopic and crystallographic properties presents very important reference not just for experts of different profile, but also for interested amateurs who tend to complete their knowledge and arising consciousness about the importance of natural resources, particularly mineral sources. These are the main reasons to assume this manuscript as crucial work, not just for the R. Macedonia, but also precious contribution in description of minerals and its occurrences. Such effort is extremely rare, even in countries with more extended history of mineral exploration…

Numerous experts and amateurs will wait happily and anxiously for printed version of this book“.

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Bermanec

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; Faculty of Natural Sciences, Zagreb

„This monograph is an exceptional scientific work in the field of mineralogy and complementary disciplines (geology, petrology, geochemistry, mine localities) both, from the point of view of its originality as well as its complexity. Its content and concept offers an extraordinary opportunity for the scientists and other enthusiasts in mineralogy to learn more about the localities and mineral wealth of the R. Macedonia as well as to introduce with the results of the experimental study of the collected minerals. The beautiful color photographs of the minerals enable the readers to feel the marvelous beauty of the minerals from the R. Macedonia“.

Prof. Dr. Risto Stojanov

SS Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Štip


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