Registration and login

The registration on is very easy. In the upper right corner right next to the shopping cart is the link Register! By clicking the link, a new form opens where you need to enter all the essential data. After this you will receive confirmation e-mail for creating your profile with a username and password. By clicking the verification link sent to your e-mail you are logged in the system. Afterwards for login in the system with your account, the link is in the upper right corner – Login. By entering the right user name and password you will log on the system.


Forgotten password

In case you forgot your password to login in, click on the link “Forgot user name and password “, located on the login page of and enter your e-mail address. Immediately after entering your e-mail address, your password will be sent to your e-mail address.


How to find my favorite book?

You can easily find your favorite book through the search form, located next to “Category” menu or you can use advanced search.


Advanced search

The link Advanced search is placed in the top menu. Searching can be done by price, author, keyword, publisher and category.


How to get information about the latest book?

Most recently added books can be viewed on the site through the link “New”, placed in the main menu. Also you can register for newsletter and you will receive e-mail on all the latest books.


How to buy a book?

Each book that is offered and visible at can simply be inserted into your shopping cart. When you click on the book, you will get the description for it and other important information. “This book is offered by” is a section where you can see from whom you can buy that book (publisher, bookstore) and at what price. “Add to cart” button is also visible in this section.


What happens after I have the book in my shopping cart?

After entering the book in your shopping cart you can proceed with your order – you might want to buy something else, or continue the following steps of the purchase.


How to pay?

After you have chosen the products that you want to pay it,our system offers you the opportunity to pay by credit card or to pay by transfer order. The second option is available only for orders in Macedonia.


Payment by credit card

  • All electronic payment transactions of are performed using the system of “ Stopanska Banka”, which is enabled and supported by Blackcurrant-cPay, reputable company for card transactions. Together with our partners we are committed to maximum safety and reliability.
  • If you have your credit card simply the whole transaction takes place electronically, safely and quickly. Before entering the number of the credit card you are redirected to the secure website of the bank, where you enter the number and confirm the transaction. The data is stored in accordance with the highest bank criteria for safe operation.
  • Here you should enter the name of the holder of the card, date of expiry of the same (monthly and year), card number and three digit code located on the back of your credit card.
  • Then you need to verify that you are sure you want to buy the product with clearly specified price and receive confirmation of successfully completed transaction.

If you have not received confirmation of successful transaction please do the following:

  • Check if the card that you do purchase with is a valid credit card
  • Check whether you have enough funds so the purchase order can be executed
  • Make sure you fill in all the necessary data requested
  • If you have checked all of the mentioned above and you cannot make the purchase, the problem is probably of technical nature of Casys, so we ask you to notify us at:


Payment by transfer order

This payment option is available only for citizens in Macedonia. If you do not have credit card, enables payment by transfer order.
Instructions for payment by transfer order:

  • 1. After you put your desired products to the shopping cart, type the address for delivery and select type of delivery. After that you should choose payment method. If you want to pay by transfer order, you should choose “Bank Payment” method and you will be shown an image of payment slip with all required data for payment.
  • 2. By clicking “Book order”, your order will be reserved for the next 3 days. During this period you will have to make the payment via transfer order.

Note: Your payment will be visible on our account the next working day after you made the payment. When money transfer is recorded, you will receive an electronic invoice to your e-mail, after which the products will be delivered to the specified address.