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Geek Girl (5) — HEAD OVER HEELS

Автор: Holly Smale
Издавач: Harper Collins | Јазик: English | Година: 2016
Оригинален наслов: Geek Girl (5) — HEAD OVER HEELS | Бр. на страни: 448 | Димензии: 135 x 216 x 53 | Корица: /

"My name is Harriet Manners, and I will always be a geek." The fifth book in the bestselling, award-winning GEEK GIRL series. Harriet Manners knows almost every fact there is. She knows duck-billed platypuses don't have stomachs. She knows that fourteen squirrels were once detained as spies. She knows that both chess and snakes and ladders were invented in the same country. And for once, Harriet knows exactly how her life should go. She's got it ALL planned out. So her friends seem less than happy, Harriet is determined to Make Things Happen! If only everyone else would stick to the script...But is following the rules going to break hearts for GEEK GIRL?

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