The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality

Издавач: Continuum | Јазик: English | Година: 2001
Оригинален наслов: The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality: Vol.4 | Бр. на страни: 712 | Димензии: 16.5x25 | Корица: /

This volume is an essential supplement to the most ambitious and comprehensive cross-cultural sex survey ever undertaken, in any language or any part of the world. The four volumes of The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality now summarize the sexual behavior patterns of 50 countries.Written by 60 leading sexologists and experts in the respective countries and cultures, each lengthy entry of Volume 4 explores areas such as heterosexual relationships, children, adolescents, adults, gender-conflicted persons, unconventional sexual patterns, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, sexual dysfunctions, and therapies. It also includes discussions of sexual issues for older persons as well as physically and mentally challenged individuals. The new countries covered include: Austria, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Portugal, Turkey, and Vietnam. As noted, the work also presents significant updates, by some 20 specialists, of the countries covered in Volumes 1 through 3—originally published in 1997—which take readers into the new millennium.This eagerly awaited Volume 4 to The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality makes this entire set an even more indispensable reference work for sexologists, psychotherapists, anthropologists, and anyone involved in cross-cultural studies.

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