About us

Our beginnings

In the field of the electronic book sale, kupikniga.mk is a regional guide and has been operating successfully for 6 years. In our very beginnings, we made a real revolution in the electronic sale of books, but in general in the e-commerce in Macedonia, we have been directed towards the wishes and needs of our users and successfully paved the way for the others.

kupikniga.mk today

Beginning with a modest offer of several thousand editions, today, kupikniga.mk unites all publishing houses from Macedonia and abroad and counts over 54,000 titles. We offer you the best books in the field of fiction, thrillers, actions, popular and practical psychology, novels, large number of manuals and dictionaries, and we do not forget the fans of games and puzzles as well as children’s books and coloring books.

New possibilities for the users

As the conditions on the market were constantly changing kupikniga.mk was improving. In order to meet the needs of as many users as possible in our offer, we included the procurement of professional magazines and literature for state and private institutions in the country and abroad.

Satisfied customers

We are proud to announce that the first task we set ourselves has been successfully accomplished. It is a simple, fast, but primarily accessible way through which all lovers of the written word can find the books they love. The privacy and security of your personal information is guaranteed, as well as the protection of your account.

Read your favorite books with pleasure, your satisfaction is our motivation to work even better and more dedicated in the future.

Supported by

The iVote Ltd team stands behind kupikniga.mk. iVote is a fast growing IT company and specializes in developing highly adaptive and flexible software solutions.
The company offers solutions for document management, electronic tests and surveys, automation of business processes, development of specialized web portals and advanced web applications.
iVote is also a regional leader in the implementation of elections and voting software for the state election commissions.